Review: Moshi iVisor Glass and iVisor Glass Privacy

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If you want to keep your iPhone looking pristine, a screen protector is a good idea in order to shield the glass panel from scratches, scuffs and scrapes.

As well as making a number of iPhone cases — some of which we’ve already taken a look at — accessory Moshi also offers a number of screen protectors for iOS devices. I tested out two of the company’s iVisor line — iVisor Glass and iVisor Glass Privacy — to see how well they perform.

iVisor Glass and iVisor Glass Privacy — available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the newly launched iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — are similar in many ways. Both are made from ‘atomically-strengthened IonGlass’ (which may sound familiar) and provide edge-to-edge protection for the screen. Unlike many other screen protectors on the market, essentially the entirety of the glass panel is covered by the iVisor Glass products including the curved glass around the edges.

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The main differentiator of the iVisor Glass Privacy is its ability to reduce the phone’s viewing angle by about 30 degrees each way in portrait orientation. It’s clear if viewed straight on, but cleverly shaded if viewed from the side. If you deal with sensitive info on your phone, this may be an extra feature worth considering.

Both products have the same straightforward application process, detailed in the included instruction booklet, and they go on without bubbles forming underneath the glass. There are cutouts for the receiver, FaceTime camera and other front-facing sensors meaning it won’t interfere with any device functions.

Moshi iVisor 6Once on, they hold up well. I scratch tested both models with keys, coins and cables — the usual item in my pocket or bag that might cause my phone screen to pick up scratch in day-to-day life — and there was no wear to either screen protector. The video below shows how shock resistant the iVisor Glass is too, but I was not willing to undergo those particular torture tests on my own phone.

You will notice some differences using one of Moshi’s screen protectors, though, and they take some getting used to. Although the screen protector is thin, the Home Button/Touch ID sensor feels more recessed which feels unusual and the edge of the protector itself is quite pronounced meaning swiping to go back in iOS feels less natural than on the device’s own curved glass screen. That edge is also something of a trap for dust and pocket lint.

Moshi iVisor 2The touch sensitivity is also slightly reduced with both cases. It’s not a huge difference, and not as frustrating as I’ve experienced in the past, but it was noticeable and ever so slightly worse on the Privacy model (most likely due to whatever extra layer or coating providing the reduced viewing angle).

The Privacy also causes problems with Passes and Tickets in the Wallet app. If scanned dead straight, you’ll have no problems but if that angle is slightly off, the reader may struggle to detect the on-screen QR or barcode properly.

Removing the screen iVisor Glass protectors was more difficult than applying them. Being glass, there’s a risk of them cracking and shattering during the removal process so be sure to follow the instructions and use the provided suction cup (especially if you plan on using it again).

As for price, Moshi’s screen protectors are certainly toward the top end. With prices starting from around $40, the promise of protection comes at a price.

Read more about iVisor Glass and iVisor Glass Privacy at Moshi’s website. You can purchase the screen protectors in black or white on Amazon:

iVisor Glass for iPhone 6/6s
iVisor Glass for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

iVisor Glass Privacy for iPhone 6/6s
iVisor Glass Privacy for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

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  • TBN27

    So i like the reasonable price and the fact that it covers the entire screen. It would be great if it had an oleo phobic coating on the screen. Compared to the one I am using now, a Chinese brand that is strikingly high quality and lower in cost and highly resistant to finger print smudges if not finger print proof, this Moshe is a hard sell based on the review. Burin will give it a try nonetheless.