Review: Moshi Kameleon kickstand case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Moshi Kameleon 6For most people, the iPhone is already their most used electronic device for accessing information of any kind on the go or in the house. When the screen sizes jumped to 4.7- and 5.5-inches last year with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it became my (and may others’) go-to media consumption device, too.

If you’re watching a lot of video content on your Retina HD screen, Moshi’s Kameleon kickstand case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is worth checking out. It combines a slim-yet-protective case, covering all sides of your device, with a kickstand on the back for propping the phone up for easy viewing.

Moshi Kameleon 1Kameleon makes use of a composite construction similar to its sibling iGlaze Armour. It features a polyurethane inner layer with microfiber lining and a polycarbonate external frame to protect from everyday drops and bumps. The rubber lining is raised above the screen ever so slightly which will help protect the display glass when placed face down, but does interfere a little with the iOS swipe-to-go-back gesture. Unlike the iGlaze Armour, the rear is covered in a unique vegan leather that is color-matched to the case rather than Apple-esque aluminum. It’s good looking, and feels great in the hand, but your preferred finish will of course be down to your personal taste.

You’ll see cutouts for the camera and flash, headphone jack, Lightning port, and bottom speaker as well as a window for the Apple logo itself. The silent switch also has a cutout, but it’s a tight one making it difficult to access without ample fingernail. The volume and sleep/wake button are covered by the case but remain satisfyingly clicky.

Moshi Kameleon 5

The main selling point of Kameleon, its kickstand, resides on the rear of the case. Situated at the bottom, it is capable of supporting the iPhone in both landscape and portrait orientations. It’s super convenient to just flick up the stand and prop your phone up making it a perfect consumption device or FaceTime machine.

The kickstand itself is made of aluminum and feels very solid. Through extended use I had no fear that it would become loose or show any signs of wear. My main qualms with the kickstand itself come from its placement. Unlike many other kickstand cases, Kameleon’s flip-out stand sticks out from the back of the case rather than being flushly integrated into the case body itself. While not a major issue, a couple of times I found myself catching the stand on my pocket which was a little annoying. The kickstand being placed at the bottom also means that it offers much less in the way of support for portrait use — tap something near the top of the screen and you risk pushing the whole thing over.

Kameleon is a premium feeling case with a neat added function. In tight spaces or on the go, the kickstand is so convenient to use and you get the impression it is built to last. Being premium in form and function, it’s also premium in price. Retailing from $50, you can surely find cheaper cases that fulfil the same role. I doubt that they’d be of the same quality, though.

Read more about Kameleon at Moshi’s website and head to Amazon where it can be purchased for iPhone 6 and for iPhone 6 Plus in colors to match the gold, silver and space gray devices.

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