Apple Car is ‘ready to leave lab’


According to The Guardian, legal representatives from Apple met with California’s department of motor vehicles to discuss regulations on self-driving cars. “The Apple meeting was to review DMV’s autonomous vehicle regulations,” the DMV told The Guardian.

The report goes onto say that the Apple Car is almost ready to leave the lab. The project dubbed “Project Titan” has also gained an Engineering Program Manager. Typically, when a project gets an EPM, Apple is ready to bring the project into the next stage of development.

However, if Apple wants to test its car, it’ll have to disclose information to the DMV (such as make, model and features), which doesn’t sound like Apple’s cup of tea. More than likely, Apple will be testing the vehicle on private grounds where there is no regulatory whatsoever. In fact, Apple may already be doing this, behind our backs.

The DMV is said to be working on autonomous car regulations with traditional car manufacturers and self-driving car interests like Google, according to the report. The regulations may become national regulations in the near future.

Source: The Guardian

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