Review: Moshi iGlaze Armour for iPhone 6

Moshi iGlaze Armour 2

As a piece of design, the iPhone is strikingly beautiful. Because of this, iPhone owners are often torn between protecting that beauty by covering the device in a rugged case or showing it off without such protection and risking accidental damage.

The iGlaze Armour from Moshi is an iPhone 6 case that aims to appease both sets of users with its mix of elegant design, premium materials and safeguarding features.

Constructed of a rubber/plastic hybrid inner shell bonded to an aluminum backplate, your iPhone slides into iGlaze Armour and is held snugly in place. The inner lining is a proprietary shock-absorbing material meant to protect the iPhone within from impact while the hard outer layer provides the good looks.

Moshi iGlaze Armour 5

Cutouts are present where you’d expect them avoiding any interference with the camera, flash, Lightning port, mic and speaker. The hole around the headphone jack is quite precise, which is fine if you use Apple’s own EarPods but might be an issue for third-party headphone wearers. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered by malleable rubber and are surprisingly responsive considering they are totally enclosed.

Around the edge of the screen the iGlaze Armour provides an ever so slightly raised bezel which helps to avoid damage to the screen when placing the phone face down. Being raised, it does impact on the feel of the iPhone’s curved edges and can get in the way a tad when swiping to go back on screen. The gap created also attracts lint, especially if you use the case in conjunction with a screen protector as pictured below.

iGlaze Armour is not the thinnest case on the market. It does add some bulk in terms of thickness and width which is noticeable, but not problematic.

Moshi iGlaze Armour 3

Aesthetically, the iGlaze Armour really stands out, though. It really is a looker. The diamond-cut aluminum on the back looks and feels premium and blends perfectly with your iPhone (from a distance, it would be easy to miss that the device was even wearing a case). There’s a cutout for the Apple logo for those that like to show it off which is surrounded by a chamfered edge which catches the light to add a touch of sparkle. A subtle Moshi logo resides near the bottom of the case.

The aluminum stretches across the majority of the back but the top and bottom portions are encased in plastic in order to avoid interference with radios and antennas. I’ve tested the case for some time now and it doesn’t have any impact on connectivity or Apple Pay.

Moshi iGlaze Armour 1

iGlaze Armour has managed to strike an impressive balance between protecting the iPhone 6 and maintaining its beauty. In the hand, it feels premium and elegant, yet comfortably rugged. Its exterior attractiveness will also make you feel less guilty about covering up your iPhone. For this unique combination of style and safeguarding, iGlaze Armour sits nearer the top end in terms of price, retailing at $39.95.

You can check out iGlaze Armour on Moshi’s website and on Amazon where it is available in gray, gold or silver and in sizes to fit iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s.

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