A glass iPhone 6 screen protector that’s ridiculously simple to apply, PerfectFit’s GlassShield [Hands-On and Application]


There are tons of screen protectors on the market, ranging from free plastic films that come with cases to sapphire crystal ones. But in many cases, they’re really difficult to apply perfectly first time. And unless you happen to have more than one of them, you only have one chance to apply it. I’ve lost count of the number of screen protectors I’ve thrown out because of non-removable bubbles, or because I couldn’t get them to align perfectly without collecting tiny dust particles. And that’s where PerfectFit screen protectors come in. I’ve used a number of the company’s screen protectors before, and they’re one of the few I’ve managed to apply perfectly the first time, every time.

That’s thanks mostly to the applicators it used to ship with the screen protector. Instead of being left to use your own eye to align the film or glass, you just placed your iPhone in to a custom-made plastic tray which had the protector facing adhesive-side up. But this year, the new GlassShield doesn’t come with a separate plastic tray. Instead, the company has built the applicator in to the retail packaging. So I was curious to find out how well it aligned.


The GlassShield is made of premium tempered glass, so it’s tough. And it happens to be pretty thin (for a glass protector). It also comes in a number of different styles. I went with my favorite – the anti-glare – which cuts out reflections on the screen and offers a really nice smooth surface for sliding your thumb across when using the device. What’s more, it doesn’t hold on to your fingerprints. Others include the privacy shield which makes it hard to see what’s on your screen from certain angles. Or there’s the mirrored finish glass that comes in a number of colors like platinum and champagne gold. Needless to say, those two aren’t really my style.

Inside the packaging you get everything you need to apply the screen protector and prepare your phone. There’s an alcohol wipe to clean your display, a sheet of tape of removing dust particles and a microfiber cloth for wiping it down. There’s also a set of instructions and a smoothing card.


Once you’ve prepared your phone, washed your hands and cleaned your table/desk you can get to work applying the GlassShield. And it’s the simplest thing in the world.

The screen protector is stuck face-down in to the plastic tray using some adhesive. First step is removing a layer of film to expose the sticky side of the GlassShield. Once you’ve done that, you align the bottom edge of your iPhone with the bottom edge of the applicator tray and press it down gently.


To remove the screen protector from the packaging, you turn it upside down to reveal a purpose-cut window/hole in the rear of the cardboard. Press your phone in to your hand and it should detach quite easily from the tray. You should then be left with an iPhone 6 fit with the GlassShield.

There’s still one layer of protective film on the outside of the protector, and there may be a few bubbles to work out. But thankfully, the package also contains a small piece of card specifically for getting rid of any bubbles.


One thing I did notice, after removing the last layer of film, is that this protector doesn’t cover the entire front of your display. And that’s understandable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the edges of the iPhone 6 glass are curved. Manufacturing a glass screen protector with the matching curves would be difficult. Secondly, glass screen protectors are regularly unfriendly towards cases. With the PerfectFit you get enough room to fit all kinds of cases to your iPhone.

I’ve only had the protector on for a couple of days, so I’m yet to find out how protective it really is. But – at least from the application standpoint – this is the easiest glass protector to apply I’ve ever used. Perhaps even easier than the older models.

You can pick up one of these for yourself for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for $35.95 or $39.95 from PerfectFitTech.com. And, as a special treat for you guys, you can get 10% off all products using discount code “TIP10”.

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  • David Jacobs

    The Belkin Invisiglass is the best.I have it on my iPhone 6 Plus.Apple sell it in their retail stores and online.Only 0.2mm thick and comes with an easy apply applicator frame.£19.99.Best screen protector I’ve ever had and I’ve tried loads.

  • Samuel O’Brien

    What about this protector? It is only £14.99 and spoken about highly on the Apple Forums – https://discussions.apple.com/message/27752522?tstart=0#27752522

  • This protector looks pretty nice. I have the Zagg Invisi-shield Glass on my iPhone 6, and its about the same thing. Very easy to get on without a single air bubble. The best thing is, its oil resistant, so its much easier to clean than the iPhone 6’s screen and shows less fingerprints.

  • Allaxa Pantagone

    The initial process includes the process of removing the protective
    film, attaching the suction cap, lining it up and sticking it down.
    tempered glass screen protector