Loop Straitjacket for iPhone 6 – Probably the coolest Bumper case around [Review]

Looking at the case market can be bewildering at times. Especially when it comes to the iPhone. Do you get a leather pouch, a plastic shell, a tank-proof Otterbox or something else? What if you want a bumper case? Even in this single category there’s a plethora of noise, and very little that’s actually unique. Enter: The Straitjacket for iPhone 6.

The Straitjacket is brought to us by the same company that made the Mummy; the slightly unusual silicone case that looks like a fluorescent bandage for your phone. Except, the Straitjacket is so much better.

For those unfamiliar, the Straitjacket is essentially a plastic bumper-style case with strips of flexible rubber-like material covering the back of the iPhone. There are four strips in total, designed to give you somewhere to store cards and cash when you’re out and don’t want to take your wallet or purse with you.


Like many cases, it combines two materials: A stiffer polycarbonate frame and the more flexible and bendy rubber which lines the inside of the frame, and the button covers on the edge. On each of the four corners, there’s a flexible point filled with the same material which helps you get the case on and off easily, and makes sure it stays snug around the device. And that’s one thing I must praise about the Straitjacket. It has the perfect balance of being tight-fitting and being easy to take off and put on.

My particular model contrasted black with bright red to awesome effect. There are also Black/Gray, Blue/Black, White/Gray and White/Mint models, just in case red and black don’t float your boat. But in some ways, the case looked a tiny bit lacking in refinement. Some of the edges weren’t quite perfectly finished, so they were ever so slightly rough. It’s not something you’d notice unless you were looking very closely. But I noticed it nonetheless.


As a slim bumper case, the Straitjacket’s protection is limited to the phone’s edges. It’s impact resistant, so if you drop your iPhone and it lands, or bounces from a corner or an edge, you should be fine. We’re not talking Otterbox-style protection. But it’s enough to protect your precious aluminum edges from daily drops from short distances. Saying that, you should find you drop your phone less thanks to the added grip the case gives your iPhone. It has a slight, raised lip around the front of the phone too, which adds a little protection if you drop the phone face-down.

One feature that surprised me – in a pleasant way – was the rubber straps’ ability to hold on to cards and cash. It’s tight enough and firm enough that even one credit card would stay secure even when shaken around, taken in and out of pockets, or dropped. This thing doesn’t want to let go. It’s fantastic.


Are there downsides to this case? Of course. You’re not going to want this if you need to protect the entirety of your iPhone. It doesn’t cover the whole back, and doesn’t cover the screen at all. It’s a simple impact-resistant bumper that has the added convenience of being able to store the odd card, or some cash. For what it’s been designed, it’s a brilliant case. And it looks awesome too. Almost iconic.

You can buy the Straitjacket for iPhone 6 from loopattachment.com or on Amazon for $34.95.


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  • scream deals

    Can the cards or whatever put back there scratch the screen? Personally I have pre ordered this case since it has integrated mounting, which is important for me as an uber driver: http://www.rokform.com/iphone-6-folio-case/

  • Stephen Cascaes

    what about the 6 Plus?

  • great idea, this case. Its too bad I already have an Apple Silicone case. I’d have bought this instead, since its almost the same price.

  • Rob

    I wonder if this case will work with this screen protector that I ordered, it’s a full edge to edge protector for the iPhone 6


  • nico3d911

    I love the concept, very original. Have a look at http://www.krowncase.com too, they do pretty nice cases over there.

  • BeardGawd®

    Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  • chitois48

    like that if you steal your iPhone 6 or your iPhone 6 plus for example you lose not only your phone but your credit cards and your money at the same time, 3in1 for the thief will be well pleased.