1Password 5.1 released with iPhone 6 optimization, Touch ID improvements and more…


AgileBits has just released the latest update to its uber-popular security app for iPhone. 1Password is one of the most well-received password managers on the App Store, and it’s just received another important delta update.

1Password 5.1 comes with a handful of improvements. The most important of these, perhaps, is optimization for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Once downloaded on the new iPhones, you’ll no longer see a huge over-blown app with fuzzy text and a big keyboard. All the graphics and fonts have been scaled appropriately for the larger displays.

Touch ID and the PIN Code have both been improved too.

“Touch ID and the PIN Code have been significantly improved. The Auto-Lock timeout will now function across both the Master Password and Touch ID/PIN Code, removing the confusion the separate settings caused. The iOS Keychain will be used to store the Master Password when Touch ID/PIN Code is enabled, allowing Touch ID/PIN Code to be used reliably in the 1Password Extension. Configure what works best for you in Settings->Security.”

AgileBits has also added new tags and the ability to choose your own third party keyboard within the app. This change is added to many of the usual bug fixes and crashes.

You can download the update from the App Store now (presuming you haven’t already received an automatic update). If you’ve never downloaded 1Password for iPhone, you can do so for free, with the opportunity of paying for an In-App Purchase to activate all the Pro features.

Link to App.

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