WSJ: Sapphire display exclusive to “high-end” models of iPhone 6



When rumors first began swirling about sapphire glass displays on the iPhone 6, some reported that all new models would feature the material, while others said only certain models would, with some reports even saying Apple scraped the plan altogether. Today, The Wall Street Journal believes they know what’s going on, as a report released by the publication this morning states that a source close to Apple has told them that the new iPhones will use pure sapphire glass displays in the upcoming device in both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ models. There’s just a small catch though, only the “high-end” models will.

What this means right is slightly unknown, as “high-end” is a highly vague term. Apple could do what some outlets have already reported, which is only feature the sapphire display in the expectedly more expensive 5.5″ model, or take another route entirely, and only include them in the 32GB and/or 64GB models. It’s even possible that Apple introduces a 128GB of the iPhone 6 with a $100 premium and make the sapphire exclusive to it.

While most speculate this is due to the higher manufacturing cost this places on Apple, another factor to consider is supply. Although initial reports revealed that Apple had 100-200 million displays ready for production, issues with manufacturing can always occur, hindering supply.

Would you be willing to pay premium for a sapphire display, or is a stronger screen just not worth it to you? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • Danny Kim

    this is stupid. not everyone wants to carry a stupid phabet.