What’s the perfect iPhone screen size for you? [Poll]

iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 coming out soon, I thought it would be fun to see which iPhone screen size you guys prefer. As many of you know, the majority of people these days are buying phones with larger screen sizes. However, there are a minority that feel the larger phones more resemble tablets and would rather carry around smaller-sized phones.

As heavily rumored, the screen size on the iPhone 6 is likely to come in two different sizes – 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. There are some that will want to go with the 5.5-inch screen. It will make viewing Messages, Mail, web pages in Safari, etc. much more enjoyable.

However, there are others that would rather have the 4.7-inch screen. The 4.7-inch screen is for those who want a larger iPhone screen than what is currently available, but don’t want to go too big. For many this may be the perfect size as it will still be able to fit comfortably in the user’s hands.

Keep in mind that it is unknown as to whether Apple will continue to make 4-inch screens on the iPhone or not – we will just have to find out on September 9th.

There are others who don’t want to change a thing – they think that the 4-inch screen found on the iPhone 5/5s/5c is perfect. These people are comfortable with the way it feels in-hand and are probably just used to having a reasonably smaller phone.

And at the end of the spectrum are those who want to go back to the 3.5-inch iPhone screen found on the original iPhone up until the iPhone 4s. However, I highly doubt that many of you feel that the 3.5-inch screen size is sufficient.  I know that I don’t.

Be sure to let us know what your personal preference is by taking part in our poll and let us know what you picked and why in the comments section down below or give me a shout on Twitter – @malloriedeaton.

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  • My Galaxy Note 3 is awesome, but a little too big to handle on-the-go. I think some sweet spot around the size of a Galaxy S4 is right for the next iPhone. For me, anyways.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    I like 5 inch screen. 5.5 is nice but it’s getting close to tablet size.

  • Viknesh S

    There is only so much a phone screen can do. However large you make it, it’s not the same as a tablet. But the bigger you make it, the more obtrusive it becomes. Seriously, what are phablets for then? Why not slap on phone function to iPad mini for those who want size, and let common sense prevail for the rest of humanity?