Typo keyboard faces contempt charges after continuing sales of original Typo keyboard


You may remember back in March when Ryan Seacrest’s Typo keyboard was found to infringe on BlackBerry patents. Consequently, Typo was banned from continuing to sell the keyboards. As it turns out, Typo continued to sell aproximately 15,000 Typo keyboards after the ban was put in place.

On Thursday, BlackBerry provided enough evidence proving the sales of the keyboard, and U.S. District Judge William Orrick is allowing BlackBerry to proceed with contempt of court proceedings.

Additionally, the judge pointed out that SMI Investments received 4,008 Typo keyboards after the injunction was set, but before it took effect. This was likely a move by Typo meant to get around the ban by selling off their stock to 3rd party companies before the ban took effect. This brings the total number of keyboards sold since the judge ruled in favor of Blackberry to around 19,000. The 15,000 sold after the ban took effect were mainly sold to customers in Canada, the Middle East, and Asia.

An additional 400 keyboards were provided to customers as replacements to faulty keyboards, which is yet another violation of the court ruling.

I am very concerned with what appears to be deliberate contempt of the preliminary injunction by Typo.

-U.S. District Judge William Orrickt

Along with the contempt charges, the judge has also deemed Typo’s request to have the court rule that the Typo 2 keyboard doesn’t infringe on BlackBerry’s patents irrelevant. You can check out the full court ruling here. (via Gigaom)

What do you think of these findings? Are you surprised Typo continued to sell the keyboards after the ban? Let us know in the comments or Tweet me @DarrenLinkNPark.

Source: Gigaom

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  • I am sure the judge made the right decision, but I am not sure why BB is wasting investor money on silly lawsuits for niche products instead of making products people want to buy.

    • Kem

      The money from investors are also meant to help save the little brand respect that’s left. The US loves to think about BlackBerry as a company filled with incompetent people that do not deserve recognition or even have their rights backed up.

      Everyone thinks that BlackBerry went out of business long ago, but that’s far from true. In fact, the company has been strengthening their core business and are actually pretty much in high gear aiming at growing again. Their future products to be released in September are top notch, just like the PassPort, BlackBerry Blend, OS 10.3, partnerships, corporate deals and increased sales of devices.

      The LEAST for what this company deserves respect is for having set the birth of the mobile revolution of the modern world. Then, for the intellectual property that was developed after decades of research. Ryan Seacrest is a clown wanting to be a tech revolutionist copying others. If you want a keyboard, buy a BlackBerry. As simple as that.

      • Jaye

        Nice try, Chen!

        • Kem

          You honored me.

      • fifthofwhiskey

        I’ve never lost faith in them!