Reuters: iPhone 6 production in shambles as display backlight causes trouble

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A new report released by Reuters today is saying that a key component of the iPhone 6’s display is causing major assembly issues on the factory floor, resulting in some serious productions delays. The report states that the fault lies in the 4.7″ model of the iPhone 6, due to the fact that it was in production before the larger, 5.5″ model.

The issue itself was a result of the thinner display, which caused production issues back in June and July, when Apple wanted to make the “thinnest device possible” and removed one of the usual two layers of the display’s backlight. The display turned out to not be bright enough, forcing Apple to go “back to the drawing board” to fit the second layer in. The delay caused Apple valuable production time, spawning a huge discrepancy between devices ordered and devices manufactured, months before the phone has even been announced. According to the report, Apple resolved the issue within weeks and production is now back on track. The source from Reuters also mentioned that supplies are running at full speed to make up for the lost time.

It’s unclear if initial supplies will be hindered because of the set-back, or Apple’s suppliers will truly be able to pull through and get supply back to where it’s supposed to be, but either way, we’ll find on September 9th, when Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 6.

Source: Reuters



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  • howardbamber

    This is why never, ever, buy an early new model phone. They are full of Hardware bugs. Glue not cured precision components not fitted correctly. Upto 10% are crop which us accepted by Apple who make 200% per phone. This goes for all makes. HTC have had some very bad early phones like the 1x.
    Wait until they have their act together… Oh the G3 another..