Purported iPhone 6 logic board pictured fully assembled


A purported logic board for the upcoming iPhone 6 has been photographed in what is described as a fully assembled state, according to Apple.club.tw. Several features, like the nano-SIM slot, flash storage, WiFi module and flex cables are all visible, as shown in the photo above. Other interesting components of the board remain hidden under electromagnetic shielding, such as the purported A8 chip.

Recently, we have seen photos allegedly showing logic boards from the upcoming iPhone model(s) but these were not in an assembled state and were therefore absent of components shown in this photo.

Another photo shared by Apple.club.tw today claims to show a pair of flex cables from the iPhone 6. They cables in the photograph seemingly match up with those shown off in detailed photographs of the next-gen iPhone’s display assembly from Feld & Volk yesterday.

As we approach the iPhone 6’s expected announcement on September 9, we’re sure to see more parts leak as production ramps up ahead of a launch pegged for September 19. The iPhone 6 is said to be in the final quality testing stage ahead of full-scale production.

Part leaks are certainly increasing in number the closer we get to a launch date. Are you excited for the iPhone 6 to be announced and hit shelves? Let us know in the comments or grab me on Twitter: @TiP_AdamO.

Source: Apple.club.tw via MacRumors

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