Pinterest announces new messaging service

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Pinterest users rejoice! Pin sharing has been available for awhile now, but users would have to use other means of communication to discuss the pin, or anything else. Pinterest is starting to change that with a new messaging service within their apps and website. The service adds pin sharing and interactivity to a fairly standard messaging app that supports group messaging.

In their blog post, Pinterest says that over 2 million pins are sent each day. This means a lot of potential conversation for Pinterest to take on right away. Compared to other messaging services like Kik or WhatsApp, Pinterest has more to offer with pin sharing. This new service could be compared to Facebook or Twitter, who also allow for content sharing. In contrast, Pinterest allows users to fully interact with pins from the messaging screen. This is different from Facebook for example, which often links users to a shared post rather than bringing interactivity to the message itself.

Although Pinterest might win over some hearts with their messaging service, they probably won’t be putting other services out of business. Pinterest doesn’t seem to see it that way, either. Tom Watson, the designer of the messaging service, says that messaging is “a way to enhance and close the loop on” pin sharing. It’s nice to know that the company isn’t trying to dramatically change their service, but rather they’re improving the experience for their users.

If you’re a Pinterest user, are you excited for this feature? If you don’t use Pinterest now, will you consider trying it out as your main messaging app? Tell us what you think in the comments, and watch Pinterest’s video below!

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