Pebble releases limited edition brightly-colored smartwatch

Today Pebble announced three new limited edition smart watches. The new smartwatches look like the original Pebble with exception to their neon colors, and they house the same internals as the original as well. In Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink, these watches seem fit for a young summer crowd.

Although the Pebble has been around for some time now without much change, their watch still holds some advantages over other options. Pebble touts long battery life, daylight readable display, and changeable watch faces as some of their product’s distinct features. In the corresponding promotional video below, Pebble promotes the idea of swapping watch straps with other Pebbles to create a custom look.

The video is definitely all about summer, which has been here for a while now. It’s possible that Pebble may have had some hiccups in the manufacturing process, and released the new colors later than expected. Either way, the new colors are here now. If you’d like to order one, you can get it from Pebble for $150. Although the colors are limited edition, the price isn’t any higher than the regular colors, which is nice.

Are new colors enough to keep you interested in Pebble, or do you want something else from them? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and watch Pebble’s video below.

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