iPhone 6 built from leaked parts shown booting on video

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.56.50Modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk, the source of numerous leaked iPhone 6 parts, has uploaded a video to YouTube claiming to show some hands-on time with a working iPhone 6.

Feld & Volk has in fact been able to piece together this iPhone from various leaked components it has managed to get its hands on. The iPhone in the video, below, can be seen booting to the connect to iTunes screen.

It’s quite remarkable that enough parts have been acquired to be able to construct an iPhone that can turn on. Feld & Volk has shown its ability to get ahold of some legit iPhone parts this year so it is entirely possible that it has been able to acquire the necessary parts to put together an iPhone 6 that is at least partially functioning.

Apple this week sent out invites to its September 9 media event and construction is already underway at its Flint Center venue suggesting a big launch. We’ll no doubt be given our first glimpses of the next generation iPhone at the event and we’ll be able to see just how accurate Feld & Volk has been with its leaks.

Source: Feld & Volk via MacRumors

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    • Dennis walker

      Can’t wait till the 9th. I’ll be camping out for this puppy.

  • Dennis walker

    Looks genuine