Hands on with some iPhone 6 cases [gallery]



Thanks to our friends over at iLoveApple we’ve been able to get our hands on some simple examples of iPhone 6 cases. Although we’ve seen them elsewhere, we had to get our hands on them to see the difference in size between these and the iPhone 5s. And it is very noticeable. If genuine, this size-jump will be the biggest we’ve ever seen in the iPhone family. Previously, it’s only grown once, when the iPhone 5 came out. And then it was only made a little longer.


These cases are for the 4.7-inch model iPhone and hint at some of the main design changes we’ve read plenty about over the past few months.


Perhaps the first thing I noticed is the lack of any holes or button covers on the top edge. As has been speculated for a while now, it would appear that the power/lock key is going to be placed on the right hand edge, about an inch from the top. Putting it right in the sweet-spot for my thumb.


On the left hand edge are cutouts for the usual mute switch and volume rocker/buttons. And on the bottom edge are three cutouts. A pill-shaped one in the center for the Lightning port, a longer thinner one for the speaker and a tear-shaped one for the microphone and 3.5mm jack socket.


As with any pre-release leaks and prototypes, there’s a chance that these cases aren’t the real deal. After all, every single one of them is based on the same set of schematics and built using the very prototypes seen in the leaked photos and videos. Full gallery below, one showing the case between an iPhone 5s and Sony Xperia Z2 for a size comparison. It’s somewhere in between the two.


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  • David Jacobs

    I have already got one.Have also got an iPhone 6 Air case.