China Telecom iPhone 6 advertisement shows off interesting renders, ‘every network’ support


A leaked advertisement from Chinese mobile network ‘China Telecom’ shows off a few new iPhone 6 renders that look similar to the official iPhone 5s photos on Apple’s website. The advertisement also mentions that China’s iPhone 6 (or, China Telecom’s version at least), will support all carrier networks in China. While this may not sound like anything important, remember that in the U.S., nearly every carrier uses different bands, with Verizon and Sprint using CDMA technology, and AT&T and T-Mobile on GSM and HSPA+. In China, there are six different bands used by the major carriers in different configurations. 9to5Mac’s Ben Lovejoy interestingly points out the following:

If we can forget the image, the message they are sending might be more interesting… This suggests that Apple may be making a single version of each iPhone model for the Chinese market, simplifying its inventory and also enabling China Telecom – the poor man’s carrier in China – to offer LTE data for the first time. The company has been losing subscribers ever since the iPhone launched on China Mobile.

iphone 6 leaked ad redering

As stated, it’s unclear whether or not every model of the iPhone in China will support all bands, or just China Telecom’s version. Also, something to note is the slogan used on the advertisements. We have trouble believing the iPhone 6’s slogan will be “Even Better”, but then again, time will tell.

Source: Sina

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  • RedGeminiPA

    It would be nice if Apple stopped disabling CDMA when an iPhone gets unlocked. I think it’s time they have a true universal iPhone that can be used on any network when unlocked.

    • colet

      its not possible because its different bands in the phone

      • RedGeminiPA

        They (mostly) all use the same cellular chip, meaning every iPhone 5s has a chip that runs GSM AND CDMA. The exact same iPhone 5s is now used for Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile. Sprint is the only different version as of right now, since their LTE is a different breed of bands compared to the other Big 3 in the USA.

        With that in mind, there is no physical reason why the iPhone couldn’t be unlocked to work on either AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon (CDMA-based). I have a feeling this is the year the USA will have one universal model, with support built-in for Sprint’s LTE bands alongside the others. Doing so will further simplify Apple’s lineup, further reducing costs and increasing margins.

        Sprint and Verizon use the similar CDMA bands (in general), proven by the fact that Sprint roams on Verizon (ask me how I know…). It isn’t often, but I do sometimes have 3G on my Sprint iPhone 5s while roaming on Verizon.