Parts for 5.5″ iPhone appear in the wild

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It has been rumored that the 5.5″ iPhone 6 will be released later than the 4.7″ model, due to manufacturing issues. This rumor has been strengthened by the fact that almost no parts from the larger device have leaked. That just changed, as part leaks are suddenly rolling in for the “big brother” iPhone.

The pictured 5.5″ front panel doesn’t appear to be much larger than the 4.7″ panel (far top left), but it is also at an angle in relation to the camera. The other photo (top right) shows the larger model’s size in someone’s hand, and it really doesn’t look unbearable like some “phablets.”

The following picture shows a front panel covered with plastic, which details the radius of the curved edges on the display.


Also pictured is the logic board, which is rumored to be shared between both iPhone 6 models. Although the logic board isn’t a new part, the fact that both models will use the same logic board is new information.

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Compared to the 4.7″ model’s 18102100mAh battery, or the 1570mAh battery of the iPhone 5s, this 2915mAh battery is gigantic. Although it could be easy for someone to copy the looks of Apple’s batteries, this battery wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for the 5.5″ iPhone.


The capacity of this battery is proportionally larger than the battery of the 4.7″ model. Compared to the 4.7″ model, the larger model could have better battery life, faster or additional internal hardware, more software features, a higher screen resolution, or any combination of the four.

In my opinion, the two new iPhones will mimic the relationship between the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. Screen resolution will be increased from the current 640 by 1136 on the iPhone 5s, to a resolution that will be Retina at both new screen sizes. They will also underclock the 4.7″ model slightly compared to the 5.5″ model, despite running the same processor, to save battery life.

What does this make you think of the 5.5″ iPhone 6? Has it changed your mind on opting for the larger version? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Sources: Apple Daily, 9to5Mac

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  • RyanAlca

    It absolutely has changed my mind. I have spent months assuming the 5.5″ version would mimic the shitty design of the 4.7″ leaks and I still wanted that one. Now that I see the design language gets way better the bigger you go, why not go bigger? It looks just as justifiable for one handed use ase the smaller one looks, leak wise. Unless the price rumors are true, which they most likely will be. Then, eff that I say. Ferraris look good in pictures too but my b**ch ass will still drive a Honda. $700 for a phone is already at my limit for non necessary expenditures.