Beats Music app featured in App Store as an ‘Apple App’


If you’ve purchased a device running iOS in the past few years, you’ll remember that when you first open the App Store, you’re prompted with a box that asks if you want to download all of Apple’s apps. The apps, which don’t come pre-installed but are a fundamental part of iOS, include GarageBand, iPhoto, Podcasts and more. The apps have always been apps developed by Apple, and never a third party… until now.

According to 9to5Mac, a new iPad user booted up his device, opened the App Store, only to find the usual download prompt featuring a new app, Beats Music. Ever since Apple’s acquisition of the music giant, Apple has been hard at work making it known that they now own them.

It’s interesting to see Apple include Beats in this category, as all of the other apps in the section are free. And while Beats Music is free to download, it’s not free to use. Beats Music costs $9.99 a month for a subscription.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Bryston Roberts

    Well since Beats is a big part of Apple Inc. Would it be wrong for me to expect the next iPhone to come with a pair or in-ear Beats earphones? I think it would only be fair to consumer instead of pushing the earPods on us. Honestly they could still offer that with iPod purchases, or even as cheap replacement to earphones.

  • Chris Barnhart

    Too bad Beats are crap headphones. If you want a pair of over the ears, go with V-Moda. If you like in-ears then I suggest you look for the Shure SE315-K series.