Apple’s wearable to be announced September 9th, shipping in 2015 [Rumor]


According to the ever reliable John Paczkowski of Re/code, we may not actually be able to get our hands on Apple’s wearable until a few months following its announcement. He claims that it will, however, make an appearance at the special event Apple has planned for September 9th. This backs up his claim earlier this week that states the device will be announced alongside two new iPhones.

He spoke with “sources in position to know” who tell him “It’s not shipping anytime soon.” Paczkowski notes that it is unclear when the device will show up in retail stores, but he believes it won’t be until early 2015.

What do you make of this claim? Would you be surprised to see Apple announce the iWatch a few months before its release? Let us know in the comments or Tweet me @DarrenLinkNPark.

Source: Re/code

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