Apple patent sheds new light on reversible USB cable


A patent filling revealed today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office details just how Apple plans to make the USB side on their ‘Lightening’ chargers reversible. The patent, spotted by AppleInsider, details that the thick plastic layer that normally covers half of the USB inside the plug is being cut down to a thin layer of plastic. The patent also mentions how the thin plastic plug will be slightly bendable, allowing the port to snuggly fit in any USB port in either orientations sans damage.

If the new cable makes its way into iPhone 6 boxes and Apple store shelves, Apple will officially have a created a smartphone charger this is reversible on both ends, as one of the main features of the current Lightening charger is its reversibility on the side that plugs into the iDevice.


If you recall, this is now fourth major leak in just the past few days pertaining to a reversible USB cable by Apple, as earlier this week, Sonny Dickson posted photos to Twitter showing the plug side-by-side the current USB plug. Then we saw a video of the plug in use. Finally, alleged photos of the official packaging of the new charger in a warehouse were posted online.

It’s unlikely Apple will quietly update their site with the new chargers, rather, it’s expected they’ll include them in the new iPhone 6 and iPad boxes, which we expect to see revealed on September 9th.

Source: AppleInsider via USPTO

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