Apple has considered $400 price tag for its ‘iWatch’ wearable device

iWatch FuelBandAccording to a new report from Re/code, Apple has considered a $400 price tag for its upcoming wearable device.

Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company’s new wearable device.

Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.

While the $400 price point is being bandied around, and might appear steep at first blush, it seems that this would be for a top of the range model with a range of devices and price points being made available.

The device, dubbed the iWatch by many, is expected to be officially unveiled at Apple’s September 9 media event at the Flint Center and ship in 2015.

It is unclear as to why Apple might want t0 pre-announce the wearable device and not ship it until next year, however, some have noted that it could enable the company to put the device through the necessary regulatory filings round the globe without worrying about keeping the device secret (as was the case with the original iPhone).

Apple’s foray into wearables will mark its first entry into a new product category since 2010’s iPad launch. As was the case with tablets, wearables is a category ripe for reinvention despite its relative youth.

Source: Re/code

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