Apple could announce iWatch next month

iwatch concept

John Gruber, author of the popular tech blog Daring Fireball, may have shared a secret today. In a blog post, Gruber offered some brief commentary on Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch. After mocking the Moto 360’s almost-circular display, he claimed that Apple will be announcing their “wrist wearable thing” next month.


For the most part, Apple has kept its wearable very secret. It’s difficult to form a realistic picture of the device with such little information. The wearable will probably come in multiple screen sizes to accommodate for smaller wrists, it will have some health-related sensors, and it might have a curved display. That information leaves a lot to the imagination, which has led to some pretty interesting concepts. Some have speculated that Continuity features could be incorporated as well.

Although this could have been more of a humorous jab at Motorola’s product, Gruber has close ties to people at Apple, and a history of making accurate projections for iPad 2 and iPad mini. If this statement is true, we can probably expect to see Apple’s wearable alongside the new iPhone(s) on September 9th.

What will Apple have to do to interest you in its wearable device? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Daring Fireball

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  • TBN27

    Smart watches seem awesome but I can’t see it replacing an actual watch unless it can last more than a day on a charge.

  • David Jacobs

    I seem to have lost interest in the idea of an iWatch now as the rumours have gone on so long without anything happening! I am more interested in the upcoming iPhone 6.