1810mAh battery all but confirmed for 4.7″ iPhone 6


There has been some conflict in the rumor mill about the 4.7″ iPhone 6’s battery. First, we saw a photo leak from NWE indicating a 1810mAh battery. Just last week, a newer rumor claimed that the phone would actually ship with a 2100mAh battery. Now NWE has even more photos of the 1810mAh variety, providing more confidence in their original leak from July.

The new photos show multiple views of the battery. Some shots appear to be of the shipping package, and another shows the battery’s connector cable. Even if the first photos were from a test unit, as has been claimed, these leaks seem to show that production has increased by some amount.

 Batterie-iPhone-6-Final-03 Batterie-iPhone-6-Final-02

Even though there are two sides to the story, only one has the proof to back themselves up. Of course, we won’t know the truth for sure until the next iPhone is released. Until some photos of a 2100mAh battery surface, it’s probable that the 4.7″ model will have a 1810mAh battery. This battery seems kind of small compared to the 5.5″ model’s rumored 2915mAh battery. If you have an iPhone now, are you happy with its battery life? Do you think that 1810mAh will be enough for the upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: NWE (Google Translate)

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  • touchedmysoul09

    I was hoping for a much bigger battery…I would gladly sacrifice thinness for a great battery, but still, when you do the math, an increase from a 4” screen to 4.7” is around an 18% increase in screen size and my iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh battery…so an 1810mAh battery is around a 25% increase in battery size. Theoretically that would mean the battery would last slightly longer, even with a bigger screen, yes? Probably not quite an all day battery, but better than the 5. Plus, if the new A8 chip helps with energy consumption it may yield an even better battery life…maybe. But then again…with Apple changing their ways and allowing developers more flexibility with their apps and notifications, it might put more strain on the battery to constantly update these things and such.