Rumor: iOS 8 beta 4 to drop Monday, July 21st



iOS beta 3 dropped July 7th, which as of this coming Monday, July 21st, will be 2 weeks ago. Some rumors have pointed at the next beta, beta 4, being dropped another 3 weeks after beta 3 just as it was 3 weeks after beta 2, but a new report is saying that it has been brought forward a week to this coming Monday, July 21st. Previous reports by AppAdvice said that its sources mentioned it was possible that this could happen, so maybe it has.

Of course, we can’t really be 100% certain when Apple will drop the next beta, but rumors for these types of things tend to be fairly on point. Beta 4 would most likely fix some bugs that were introduced in beta 3 or not fixed correctly in beta 3. Remember that these betas are meant for developers and you take a risk when installing them on your personal devices should you choose to do so. Betas are notorious for containing bugs riddled throughout, so why users still choose to install them and then complain about them is beyond me.

iOS 8 beta, though I just mentioned it is usually riddled with bugs, has for the most part been fairly stable thus far. Many of the features that Apple spoke of at WWDC are working near flawlessly, but others not so much. Continuity and Hand Off are something that I’ve had trouble getting to work across my MacBook Pro and iPhone 5s. Things such as SMS through Messages work just fine, but others like phone calls from OS X do not work. With beta 3, however, I did notice that phone calls were showing up on my iPad which is also running iOS beta 3, so it seems those are a work in progress.

What do you think? Are you using iOS 8? What bugs do you want to see fixed? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: BGR, AppAdvice

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  • Cj

    I have a few bugs, facebook, voicemails don’t delete, passbooks cards disappeare a lot, App Store crashes when I download apps

    • Kyle Frost

      Passbook has become the bane of my existence on iOS 8.

  • gettysburg11s

    I’d love to try this on my iPhone 5, once Beta 4 drops. In past years, Beta 4 is the first totally useable beta (though oviouosly bugs are still present). Unfortunately, I do not have a Dev account for iOS 8. 99 dollars is a bit steep, just to try a beta.

    • Kyle Frost

      I agree, unless you’re using it for actual development, it is a waste of money. Developers however, it is worth it.

  • kelso

    I have a few annoying issues.
    1. Switch for volume some times does nothing. On vibrate, you have full volume of apps and ringer.
    2. phone randomly shuts off (Yes, done a full restore and not used a backup for testing).
    3. Lots and Lots of app crashing.
    4. App Store crashes a lot (covered by number 3, but since it IS an apple app, i put it on its own line).
    5. Battery meter sometimes hangs, so even though you think you have 80% bettery, you may actually have 5%. A reboot fixes that issue (my bug report was closed as a duplicate of another so im not the only one having the issue).

    I’m a tech guy, I love innovation and new things. I love to try out new software, new applications, new hardware. I guess I’m glutton for punishment. With that said, I’ve been pretty happy with the release compared to past iOS betas.

  • james braselton

    hi there my stocks app dissapered in ios 7.1.2