Rumor: 3 iWatch models coming, high end to sport Sapphire glass

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What’s a day with an iWatch rumor? Don’t worry, today is covered. According to a report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple is planning not on launching one iWatch model, not two models, but three different models for the heavily rumored wrist worn device. Supposedly, the sizes are going to be a smaller 1.6″ device and two 1.8″ devices, with one being considered “higher-end” than the other one. The high end version is supposedly going to sport a more scratch-resistant and durable Sapphire glass display.

The sizes aren’t really a new concept as those numbers have been tossed around quite often, but we’ve seen numbers as large as 2.5″ before, so who really knows what’s coming. Maybe there is a 1.6″, 1.8″, and 2.5″, but that’s just an idea. With Apple announcing many health related endeavors at WWDC (e.g. HealthKit), many are saying that now it will announce a device that will be able to take advantage of  a lot of the features introduced. When this device could come is another focus of rumors, with many indicating that a fall release this year seems very possible.

It isn’t unheard of for Apple to introduce a new product category and then wait months to actually ship it, however. The original iPhone was announced in January of 2007 and not released until June that year. The iPad as well was announced in January of 2010 but was not available for sale until April later that year. With those two as any indication, the iWatch could be announced later this year but released until early next.

Alongside this rumor was one that said Apple may finally make the 12.9″ iPad “Pro” official later this year as well, but one would expect this to go on sale much sooner alongside other possible iPad updates that would come at the same time. Personally an iPad of this size seemed unnecessary for the longest time, but after playing with Microsoft’s Surface 3 I now can see what the benefits are as long as Apple enables the rumored multi-window mode that was found hidden in iOS 8 code.

What do you think? What size iWatch do you want? Are you looking for a 12.9″ iPad? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: EDN, G for Games, MacRumors

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