New photos show off purported iPhone 6 Touch ID sensor


iPhone 5s Touch ID component (top) and purported iPhone 6 Touch ID component (bottom)

New photos purport to show the Touch ID component said to be from the upcoming iPhone 6, according to The component is very similar to the Touch ID sensor found in the current iPhone 5s, as seen in the image above, but features relocated screw holes that hold the component in place within the device.

“Relocated screw holes!?” I hear you cry. “Big news!”

While a difference in screw placement is admittedly not a big deal, if this leak is to be believed it does suggest that the next generation iPhone will feature a hardware redesign if some of the internal components are begin re-jigged (personally, I’m hoping it is to maximize space inside the device for a bigger battery). We’re all expecting a larger, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 to launch in the fall so this will likely come as no surprise to most. And, unfortunately, the leaked sensor tells us little else about the upcoming device.

As we approach fall, we’ll no doubt begin to see parts leak at a rapid pace as we do every year manufacturing ramps up. We’ve already seen a ton of device mockupssapphire display parts (even being torture tested), internal components and now Touch ID sensors. It’s hard to keep up already and we only expect more in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the leaked iPhone 6 Touch ID sensor? Are you excited to see more leaks as we head towards an official unveiling or do you think they ruin the surprise factor? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Source: via MacRumors


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  • TBN27

    I rather see the finished product.