Misfit launches Coca-Cola Red Shine fitness tracker just in time for July 4th


A while back I checked out one of the most attractive, and unique fitness trackers on the market. The Misfit Shine, unlike other trackers, doesn’t have to be worn around the wrist. It comes with a magnetic attachment to clip it on to your shirt, swimming gear or running shoes. You can also buy wrist bands (classy leather, or sporty rubber) as well as a couple of necklace designs. What’s more, because the design is so subtle and stylish, you can wear it with anything. I really enjoyed the experience of using it, and now it’s back, and better than before.

In honor of Independence Day in the States, Misfit has launched a special edition red version in partnership with Coca-Cola. This comes just a short while after it announced a partnership with Pebble to show your tracking stats on your smartwatch.

Shine tracks your movement through the day automatically, and can be programmed to track your sleep and other sports activities just by tapping the device. What I particularly like is that it doesn’t need to be constantly connected to your smartphone to work. When you want to sync data, you open the app and just tap the device on the screen of your phone and it’ll sync automatically. And it’s powered by a regular watch battery. So no daily charging required. One battery will last months. Literally.

If you want to order one for yourself, head on over to Misfit’s online store where you can grab the red model for $99.99. If you do, be sure to send us a picture of the red Shine next to a can of Coca-Cola to see if the color actually matched. Tweet me: @PhoneDog_Cam

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