Jimmy Kimmel takes the Apple “iTime” smart watch to the streets [video]

Whenever there are widespread rumors regarding any Apple product, you can count on one thing: Jimmy Kimmel will try and convince the poor, unsuspecting public that he has one and shows it off, asking their thoughts in the process. So when the “iTime” patent was publicized earlier this week, it was the perfect fuel for Kimmel’s fire. He sent a Casio watch (decorated with an Apple logo) out to the streets and asked what the best features were. Many agreed it was nice, lightweight and had a classic design. Classic “Apple” design, even.

This begs the question: Apple may need to do a lot to make a wrist-worn device to recognisable by the public, but what does the “iTime” or iWatch need to make it in to the regular consumer’s home?

Via: Salon

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