iWatch rumors are back as Apple hires two more Nike FuelBand engineers

Nike FuelBand SE 2


Apple has been hiring people from all over the wearable technology, health sciences, and fashion fields for the past few years now in anticipation of what everyone expects to be the ever rumored iWatch. Well, adding on to the hires coming in the wearable field seems to be in the form of two more Nike FuelBand engineers that have recently updated their LinkedIn to reflect an Apple hire.

Ryan Bailey is the first of the two hires, who now has the title of “Mechanical Design Engineer” at Apple. Previously his job was testing FuelBand hardware at Nike. Second is Jon Gale who is now titled “Sensing Systems Engineer” at Apple. He was on the team that worked specifically on FuelBand hardware and software. This is coming a few months after it was rumored that Nike had been cutting down on its FuelBand team, but claimed getting out of the hardware game was not its intentions.

Obviously, one can only assume that these hires are going to be pertaining to the iWatch project that has been rumored for what seems like forever now. With expected release dates ranging from WWDC (which of course didn’t happen) to next year sometime, it is anyone’s guess when Apple really plans on having this out the door. With Android Wear starting to get its footing with manufacturers and developers now able to take advantage of the new wearable operating system, time is something Apple no longer really has on its side.

If Apple can’t get to market soon enough, the iWatch may not succeed as it hopes. Of course, being an Apple product and with there being Apple die-hards out there, it is hard to imagine this being a failure no matter what. That doesn’t mean Apple can just sit around waiting, however, as getting a product out while the hype of wearables is still big is important. With the previously mentioned Android Wear already being shown off on hardware (such as the beautiful Moto 360), all eyes are on Apple now to see what it can do next.

What do you think? Are you excited for the iWatch still, or has Android Wear got your eye? What would make the iWatch the perfect product? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iMore, 9to5Mac

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  • Kevin Olson

    I hope the rumors are true

  • David Jacobs

    I still don’t think there will be an iWatch released this year as there has been no leaks of parts yet on the internet like there has of the possible iPhone 6.

  • nhaj

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  • tony271

    There is a need for apple to produce iwatch as competitors like samsung and sony already produced millions of android watches