iPhone 6 battery “leaked”, points towards 1810mAh capacity

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It probably comes as no surprise that the next iPhone will purportedly ship with a higher capacity battery than the current models. After all, if a phone’s going to get a bigger display and more powerful processor, it stands to reason that it’ll need a better battery. And with Apple almost certainly jumping from 4.0-inches to 4.7-inches diagonally, the company will also have to boost battery capacity.

Batterie-iPhone-6-1A recent leak unearthed by NWE suggests that the iPhone 6 will have a 1810mAh capacity battery. The battery shown in the image (click to view full size) was manufactured this month. For spec junkies, that’s an increase of around 250mAh over the 1560mAh cell found in the iPhone 5s. In percentages, that’s a 16% increase which is close to the 17% increase in display size rumored for the next iteration of Apple’s uber-popular smartphone.

Whether it’ll be enough for an all-day battery life is yet to be seen. And while these leaks certainly seem genuine, there is absolutely always a chance that it’s not. That said, the battery has the same voltage as the current crop of batteries found within iPhones.

For me, there is a problem here. Hypothetically speaking, if the battery capacity increase near enough matches that of the display size, does that mean we’re to expect similar performance? For instance, will my iPhone 6 go from 100% to 0% before the end of the day? It seems like every year I hope Apple does something incredible with battery technology that’ll at least give me 2 days use from a single charge. But it never happens. And I’d be a fool to expect it again this year.

What do you guys think? Would you rather have a slightly fatter phone if it meant a bigger battery?

Source: NWE (Google Translate)


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  • Danny Kim

    fuck you apple for being stubborn

  • Ray

    I would love an iPhone 2g thickness if it meant them stuffing a 3k or even 2500mah batt in there. The original iPhone had a nice profile. But I see why the do it. It’s better to innovate in software and processors for consumption than to compensate with more juice. That and they probably expect new battery technology to replace lithium ion batteries, if they’re not working on something themselves…

  • Rakesh Prajapat

    I agree pretty much with you and this time Apple should offer a battery that can last for at least a day. Though, this guy also sharing some good news about the iPhone 6.

  • touchedmysoul09

    While it’s not confirmed yet, I just really don’t understand why Apple is insisting on “thinness” over actual USE. They want us to USE the phones, don’t they? I don’t know of anyone who would choose a thinner phone over a better battery life. Nearly all phones have awful batteries today, the iPhone’s being one of the worst. That’s where the next movement needs to be … not better screens like the LG G3, but better battery technology.

  • im2slick4u

    If you want a bigger battery then buy a Samsung or HTC. When Samsung engineers say “We need more power” they throw in a bigger battery. When Apple engineers say “We need more power” they make a more efficient CPU.

  • Rick Rudge

    Hey, I have my company’s flip phone that’s been on for a couple of days on the same charge, but I don’t really do anything with it. My personal iPhone4, I’m using all the time for music, to access the Internet, e-mails, FaceBook, weather, and oh, making phone calls. :-) I agree with many of the posters here. I don’t really care about a big huge screen. You can keep it to the iPhone2 size with a huge battery and I’d be happy.