As iOS 8 approaches, iOS 7 adoption hits 90%

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Apple has updated its App Store support pages for developers with a new graphic showing iOS 7 at 90% adoption, according to the company’s data on devices accessing the App Store.

iOS 8 is just around the corner, but it seems some iOS users are still only just making the jump from iOS 6.x software to iOS 7.x software. The increase to 90% adoption represents a 3% jump from a previous report a few months ago where iOS 7 adoption was pegged at 87%.

Here is the graphic from Apple’s developer pages:

ios 7 90 adoptionWhile iOS 7 adoption continues to make increases in adoption, Apple’s next major iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, will debut in the fall alongside new iPhone and iPad hardware.

As revealed at WWDC in June, the new version of iOS brings with it a number of new features and improvements such as new Health app, improved Spotlight functionality, interactive notifications, new messaging capabilities, app extensibility, and continuity features between iOS and OS X on the Mac.

For more on everything iOS 8 has to offer, see our coverage of new features and functions here.

Source: Apple

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  • Jeff

    I hep they improve battery life for the iPhone 5s and obviously do a lot better with it with the 6 to hit market soon. Having a battery got from 85 to 49% in 40 minutes is ridiculous . I love the iphone , I remember the original iphone had a really awesome battery life