Google Maps iOS 3.2.0 update adds Gmail appointments, better search results


Ever since Apple removed Google as its stock Maps app supplier a couple of years back, Google’s own, native maps app on the App Store has gone from strength to strength. The latest update, version 3.2.0, seeks to improve search and bring contextual information to your map, making it more useful and essential to your daily life.

Now, when searching for locations or points of interest, the results show up with descriptions directly on the map view to “help you make choices quickly”. More importantly – from my perspective – is the update which allows you to see your Gmail reservations and events labeled on the map. As an example, when you have a confirmation email for a reservation at a restaurant, it’ll show up on the map showing the time and location.

The update is available on the App Store and is – as always – a free download to new purchasers.

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