Booq Glass+Case Review: Classy, understated protection for your iPhone

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I love the thin and light design of the iPhone and, personally, I am generally averse to cases that spoil the beauty of the product within. Booq knows this and has attempted to make a case that does not diminish the good looks of your iPhone — and succeeded.

Made up of two parts, the Booq Glass+Case consists of a thin, polycarbonate clip-on case and a tempered glass screen protector providing all around protection for your device.

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The design of the case/cover combo is understated and simple. Available in two color options — a black back that looks right at home on the Black/Space Gray iPhone and a clear version of the case that will let your flashy Silver or Gold iPhone 5s shine through, or your colored iPhone 5c back maintain its appeal.

The case part is thin and light. It barely adds any thickness or weight to your iPhone at all. It features an exposed top and bottom so you have access to buttons/ports and speakers can work as normal, as well as a cut out along the side for the volume controls. This type of design does, however, leave the top and bottom edges open to the usual scratching and scuffing.

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There’s also a hole on the back for the camera that is large enough to avoid interfering with the flash and a subtle Booq logo on the back stays out of the way in the top corner. Unfortunately for those that like to brandish the Apple logo on the back of their devices, it’s completely covered in the Booq Glass+Case.

What I found particularly awesome about the rear case is its angled edges that are very much reminiscent of the chamfered edges on the iPhone itself. It’s a nice touch, helps your case to feel thinner and almost fools you into thinking there is no case at all when holding it. For the iPhone 5c case, the edges are rounded as you’d expect.

On the black version I tested, the material of the back is sturdy but features a soft-touch surface. It feels nice in the hand, and certainly not cheap like many cases. Mine remains unscratched, although It does pick up fingerprints quite easily (something I presume the clear version does not suffer from as much).

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Onto the front of this two-part case and we have a tempered glass screen protector. While the Corning Gorilla Glass in the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c is strong and scratch resistant (and the iPhone 6 might bring us extra resistant sapphire crystal displays), it’s not perfect and some people still like to rock a screen protector. For those people, the Booq Glass+Case will be perfect. The screen protector is exceptional.

Applying it is simple — clean your screen with the provided cloth, line up the protector with your home button and earphone grill and simply press it down in the middle. It goes on with no bubbles at all and stays put. I’ve been testing out the case for a while and there are no scratches or scuffs on the glass and no signs of the protector peeling — it’s really tough. Plus, being glass, it doesn’t have an effect on the clarity or the touch sensitivity of the screen (a reason I have historically avoided protectors in the past).

The combination of the thin, light case and the glass screen protector makes for a case that offers almost complete protection for your iPhone without compromising on the device’s aesthetic appeal.

The Booq Glass+Case is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

The wrap up

The good: Lightweight, thin design that almost disappears on your phone. Offers decent protection for your device while allowing easy access to all the buttons and ports. Screen protector is strong and scratch resistant while remaining clear and smooth — it’s just like touching your iPhone’s display.

The bad: The black version does pick up fingerprints on the back quite easily, tarnishing the case’s good looks somewhat. Covers up the iPhone’s Apple logo (for those that care about that kind of thing).

The verdict: All in all, the Booq Glass+Case is a classy screen protector and case combo that offers a great amount of protection for your iPhone in daily use. It is perfect for those that want to preserve their iPhone in a case but don’t want to add unnecessary bulk. Booq Glass+Case looks and feels great and is terrific value with prices starting at $35/£20/€35. Check out Booq’s US, UK or European stores for more details and to purchase.


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