Apple reportedly hires Tag Heuer director for iWatch marketing

Apple has reportedly hired one of LVMH’s sales directors. The conglomerate owns companies such as Louis Vitton, Hennessey and other, well-known luxury brands has lost the director in charge of sales for its Tag Heuer division.

Jean-Claude Biver, an executive at the company’s watch brands, told CNBC that a Tag Heuer director left to join Apple. It’s presumed that the sales exec will work predominantly on marketing the iWatch. This report isn’t the first mention of Cupertino attempting to poach luxury watch brand directors. And Apple’s not alone in trying.

But this hire does pose a serious question: Is Apple going to market the iWatch as a premium/luxury watch in line with Swiss watches? If so, it would lead us away from the “gadget on your wrist” mentality currently employed by Samsung, Pebble and others. Instead, it would join part of a historic, and already established watch market. In other words, is the sales pitch “this is a luxury watch that’s smart” rather than “this is a smart watch that’s beautiful.” Will we see it on advertisements being used to adorn a classy celebrity?

And that in itself brings about another serious question: How will Apple price it? Will it be cheap enough to compete with the $200-$300 smart watches on the market already? Or will it be higher, to match this luxurious persona?

Of course, we don’t know for sure if there is an iWatch coming. All the signs would point towards an eventual release – probably this year – but until Apple tells us, it remains in the realms of mythical products not yet released.

Source: CNBC
Via: The Verge

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