Apple reportedly downsizing Beats team [Rumor]


A report has surfaced this afternoon claiming Apple has begun offering certain Beats employees positions at Apple, roughly two months after its Beats acquisition. The report comes from tech blog iMore and cites “anonymous sources” that claim Apple executives have been seen visiting Beats Headquarters in Santa Monica, California. The Apple executives are supposedly offering some employees positions at Apple, while informing others that they will be let go.

According to the report, Apple is offering positions at its own offices in Cupertino to Beats employees who currently hold creative roles or are part of the development team at Beats. The Santa Monica Beats offices will reportedly be kept around and will continue to be used by engineers working on the Beats Music streaming service. Beats employees working on hardware products will be offered positions on Phil Schiller’s team at Apple.

Employees working in positions at Beats in the support, finance, and HR departments will not be offered jobs at Apple. However, Apple has allegedly set up a hotline for these employees to help them find new jobs.

The report also notes that Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will continue to work with Apple. The report also claims that Apple has begun implementing Beats technology into its iTunes software, however it is in very early stages.

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Source: iMore