Apple posts new iOS tips site

iOS 8 tips and tricks

One of the new additions coming to iOS with iOS 8 this fall is a Tips application. This application will show users different tips for their device and notify them when new ones become available. While not necessarily useful for iOS power users, it will be valuable for those that are not tech-savvy and could use a way to learn new functionality for their iOS devices.

While this feature is currently available for iOS 8 beta users, Apple has also posted these tips online at a new address: These are the same tips that Apple has included in their Tips application on iOS 8.

Many of these tips are iOS 8 exclusives. For example, Apple shows how you can make use of interactive notifications to quickly respond to a text message, or how to activate Siri by saying “Hey, Siri!”

Do you think these tips are useful? What tips do you have to offer for new iOS users? Share those below! Or send me your favorite iOS tips on Twitter – @JerenYun.

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