What’s new in iOS 8 beta 2


Two weeks after WWDC, Apple has released its first update to the iOS 8 beta. In addition to fixing numerous bugs and improving battery life, Apple has made some notable changes and updates to its beta software.

iCloud Drive:

In the iOS 8 release notes, Apple noted that all documents on iCloud Drive will be deleted “at some point during the beta period.” This will not affect users of non-beta operating systems. For beta users, the locally stored copies of documents will replenish iCloud Drive when opened on a device. Make sure to keep track of where your most recent versions are saved for best results.

iCloud Photos:

Photos that are currently stored in iCloud will not be transitioned to iCloud Photos, so Apple recommends users to backup photos before moving to iCloud Photos. Photos that are on devices should make the transition if everything goes well.


A new “raise to listen” setting is available for Messages in Settings. Also, the camera and microphone icons


Like iBooks, Podcasts is now a default app in iOS 8. It comes preloaded on the device, and cannot be deleted.

QuickType Keyboard:

The QuickType keyboard is now available on iPad, except for iPad 2.


Safari now blocks ads that redirect a user to the App Store without user interaction. This could inhibit services like Feature Points from working until they create a workaround.

If Apple sticks to a rough 2 week release schedule like it did with iOS 7 betas, we will probably see beta 3 in early July. What changes would you like to see in iOS 8 before the general release? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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