TouchPal, a third-party keyboard, shows off iOS 8 demo



One of the major iOS 8 announcements at last week’s WWDC was support for third-party keyboards. Developers behind many third-party keyboards have been excited about the announcement that Apple’s iOS 8 will now allow them to develop keyboards for the iPhone and iPad.

Fleksy, Swype, and SwiftKey have already shown interest in designing a keyboard for iOS 8 users, now that Apple has opened up the APIs to developers. And now TouchPal will also be gearing up for a release of their third-party keyboard later on in the year.

TouchPal’s demo video shows its keyboard supporting gesture-based input similar to that of Swype. TouchPal also supports auto-correct and predictive word suggestions, although these are not shown in the demo video.

Will you guys be using TouchPal when it is released or will you guys be sticking to the QuickType keyboard that Apple has added to iOS?  Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below and don’t forget to give me a shout on Twitter – @malloriedeaton.

Source: Redmond Pie

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  • TBN27

    If the new apple keypad is better at predictions, then I may not download any 3rd party keypads. If not, then I will give swiftkey and touchpal. I used them on android and they were great

  • rbaggio00

    amazing 7 years later and they finally get 3rd party keyboards revolutionary

  • donnybee

    Android fanboys are just getting irritated because there soon won’t be a reason to own an Android. Unless you want malware.. We may be getting these features after Android already had them, but at least they’ll be refined and better integrated. Plus safe.

    Android may be a pile of features, but iOS is a family of integrated features. That’s a big difference. Refinement takes time. Couple that with the safety, reliability, ease of use, better apps of iOS and there really won’t be a reason to own an Android. So you Android fanboys can keep downplaying this..maybe you’ll sleep better at night for now.

    • Jerry Rich

      Bonnydee, I couldn’t agree with you more. These android trolls are getting me steamed. I am the proud owner of an IPhone 3C that I upgraded to IOS 3.1.2 and I would put my phone up against any current android flagship.

      My friend recently bought a Galaxy S5 and I showed him how much better my 3C was. Refinement, apps, safety, and much better integrated, not to mention reliability and ease of use. He didn’t agree but what else do you expect from an android fan boy?