Skype 5.0 for iPhone released – completely redesigned UI

skype 5.0

Just a couple of days after announcing it, the latest version of Skype for iPhone has been released. The new app features a brand new user interface, which doesn’t just look prettier, but also makes it easier to communicate with your contacts. Whether you want to get to your favorites, recents, or contact list, it’s as easy as swiping across the top. Did I mention it was prettier?

We’re excited for you to see how the new app has been redesigned to put your conversations first, providing you with a smoother, leaner and more integrated experience. Skype for iPhone is up to five times faster and it is also more stable and more reliable. Navigating through the new UI is easier and more fluid. Whether it’s creating a group chat, sending a photo or starting a video call, the new Skype for iPhone has been rethought to be simple and intuitive.

Skype announced the release in a blog post today, and I’ve just downloaded it. What’s more, the developers are “hard at work” developing a similar design update for the iPad app too.

On first impressions, it is great. Transitions between areas on the app are smooth, and fluid, as are the animations when you start typing and sending messages. Lots of clean lines, flat colors, circles and round edges make it look and feel friendly and modern. What’s interesting here – for me at least – is how much attention is being placed on messaging side. Skype, traditionally, is a video calling service. But now, it’s very much a multi-service communication tool. Messaging is instant, free and fast between users and you can make voice or video calls too.

Download Skype 5.0 from the App Store now.

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  • grothenberger

    The app looks great, and fixed a problem I was having with group chats. I can even send pictures from my phone now. Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems. File transfers don’t work. ” sent you a file. This version of Skype doesn’t support that yet.” If you o send a picture, it sends it to some https location requiring a login. I haven’t tried sending any other kind of file from the phone yet. I hope it doesn’t do the same with text files. Or other document files.

  • Hondamaker

    Does the app now allow for three-way video calling?