Just Mobile’s AluCable, the stylish, versatile and solid alternative to Apple’s Lightning cables [Review]


When it comes to charging my iPhones and iPads, until recently, it’s always been a choice between using Apple’s official Lightning cables or using a third party dock. But if I’m honest, the former has always been something of a “make do” situation. I use the cables because they’re provided with the device and they’re free. They’re not particularly well-made. Any of you who have damaged yours will know that much. And they’re not particularly versatile. They’re caught in no-man’s land between not long enough and not short enough.

That’s where Jst Mobile comes in. The company well-known for creating almost anything it can from aluminum has created its own MFi certified cables for the iPhone to fit your own personal requirements. It’s also released the only car charger I’ve ever used that’s lasted more than a couple of months.

Just Mobile Highway Duo – Car Charger – $39.95


At just shy of $40, the Highway Duo isn’t the cheapest car charger on the block. Part of that is the Apple-approved Lightning connector. Cupertino likes to take a tidy sum for any company wanting to use its licensed connectors. Another part is that – unlike most other chargers – it’s not the same shiny, plasticcy hideousness that other car chargers are.

For the first time, I have a car charger that stays in the 12V port/cigarette lighter without trying to pop out. It’s also solid, well constructed and looks great. It also has an additional USB output for plugging in any other electrical gadgets to charge. So you can charge your iPhone/iPad plus an additional device simultaneously.

I’ve been using this in our car now for what must be close to 7-8 months. Perhaps longer. It’s not once stopped working, it hasn’t broken, it stays in the port securely and charges reliably. And it looks good too. For me, it’s one of the best car chargers around. It also has a coiled cable which helps keep your device close buy, but offers enough length to enable you to grab your phone and use it when you need to.

What’s more, as you’ll see with the cables, the metal casing around the Lightning connector is beautiful and durable. Much more durable than the plastic Apple cables.

Just Mobile AluCable – $19.95-$24.95


I’ve been testing three different AluCables. The AluCable Mini, a short 4-inch cable, the standard 5ft AluCable and the coiled AluCable Twist which can stretch from 4-inches to 6 feet.

All in all each is a fantastic cable and which is right for you depends very much on what you need them to do. For me, the standard AluCable ended up being the best solution.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to experience this, but, my bedside table is just the wrong distance from the nearest wall outlet. This leads to me using my skirting board to rest my iPhone on at night, since Apple’s cable doesn’t reach the top of my bedside. In that regard, the 5ft AluCable eased a lot of frustration. It reached my bedside with no problem whatsoever.

The AluCable Mini was just the right length for use in one of my charging stations. I use a BlueLounge Sanctuary 4 to charge all my devices at night, and it was just long enough to reach from the USB output inside the station to the front edge of the resting surface. As for the AluCable Twist, it looks really cool, but I really didn’t find much us for it. Even in the car, combined with the Highway Duo, having two coiled cables just created too much clutter for my liking.

Like the Highway Duo car charger, all the AluCable Lightning connectors are encased in a beautiful piece of aluminum, as are the USB connectors. What’s more, they’re black and silver, to match your black and Space Gray iPhone 5s, or iPads. In short, if you want a great alternative to Apple’s plastic cables that not only look nicer, but are more durable, you could do a lot worse than the AluCable range from Just Mobile.

All products are available to purchase from Just Mobile’s online store.


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