iPhone 6 production pushes Foxconn to hire 100,000 new employees

Apple’s most prolific (and notorious) manufacturing partner Foxconn has reportedly hired 100,000 new employees to meet the demands of the iPhone 6’s production.

The report, from Economic Daily News claims that Foxconn has increased its workforce by nearly 10% in anticipation of iPhone 6 demands. Similarly, Apple’s sapphire glass supplier, GT Advanced Technologies has also taken steps to prepare for the iPhone 6’s massive popularity, upgrading its production capacity to 220 million screen unites. Some sources have purported that the move may actually point to the production of Apple’s upcoming wearable tech offering, however I think this is probably more representative of the increased iPhone demand expected over the next few months.

iphone-6-leaked (1)

Rumored leaks of the iPhone 6 would suggest that, unlike the iPhone 5s, the next iPhone will be a major hardware update, sporting a new design and a much larger 4.7-inch screen. If this is the case, a huge portion of Apple’s customer base, alienated by a dated 4-inch display and disenchanted by Apple’s decision to tweak the iPhone 5, rather than overhaul it, will be looking to jump what represents the first “brand new” iPhone in 2 years. Of course, a larger screen and overall form factor does allow for more changes to be made within the device, particularly when it comes to the size of the device’s battery. The iPhone has become increasingly plagued by chronic battery shortages, with most devices now struggling to put out 12 hours of regular use on a day-to-day basis. The iPhone will of course need a larger battery, and more powerful components to power a larger display, but innovation should ensure that the increased size of the device is also evident in increased performance.


Via: Economic News Daily

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