iPhone 6 mockups aren’t entirely accurate, back panel to feature glass panels [Rumor]


If you’ve been online at any point over the past few months, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed the number of blogs and YouTube channels showing off what’s claimed to be a physical mockup of the next iPhone. These physical “dummy” models are predominantly metal, featuring some plastic banding on the back, around the top and bottom. But the latest rumor states that this is not the final design.

Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, states that the released device will actually feature two glass panels just like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The plastic banding is allegedly there to mark the areas we can expect glass to be inserted. If this rumor is true, it’ll see the iPhone 6 take on a more iPhone 5/5s look with a metal back, and glass on the top and bottom.

Other rumors have also predicted that the Apple logo on the back will be cut out in the iPhone 6, much like the new iPad mini and iPad Air. The tablets, unlike their predecessors don’t have logos printed on. Instead, they have plastic cutouts inserted in to an Apple-shaped hole. Having an iPhone with the same method of branding would certainly make sense.

It’s important to note that – just as with any other iPhone rumor – this one should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Apple is known to be a company that’s capable of changing its mind on hardware design many times during development. And until the device manufacturing ramps up to full yield, Apple is capable of making further changes.

That said, I do hope the iPhone 6 does have glass panels. Because – so far – the dummy models have left me feeling very underwhelmed because of the amount of metal on show, and the hideousness of those plastic antenna gaps. They’re not very Apple-like. It’s a company well-known for its attention to detail, and eye for classic and elegant design. Those bands are not elegant, or classic.

Source: Nikkei
Via: GforGames, AI

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  • donnybee

    Hahah I couldn’t agree more. These “leaks” have all looked TERRIBLE in my opinion. I would be baffled if the final product ended up looking so..basic.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to just having an all-glass back to be honest!

  • xXBMAXx

    I 100% agree with you. The plastic looks horrible. Another thing I don’t like is the camera that’s on the gold dummy models. It’s white and it just looks so weird, since I have only ever seen black ones on the iPhone. Other than that it looks alright.