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One of the main features that seemed to get pushed aside during the iOS 7 revamp was Spotlight, the universal search feature that was available on iOS. Through iOS 6, the feature had its very own spot reserved as a homepage to the left of the main home apps page, but with iOS 7, the feature was reduced to a simple search bar that was available by pulling down on the home screen. The feature seemed much less useful in iOS 7, and that was likely partially because it was more hidden, and as such I was much less likely to use it. However, iOS 8 has changed the functionality of Spotlight, and I love it yet again.

In iOS 8’s version of Spotlight, Apple has added a ton of usefulness to the feature. First, the Cupertino has included Wikipedia searches in Spotlight, meaning if you search for something like a song, the Wikipedia article for the search term pops up. This is incredibly helpful for me since I’m an admitted Wikipedia addict.

Spotlight iOS 8 Fancy

In addition, Spotlight will now show App Store results, songs on iTunes, and even suggested websites. So if, for example I search “fancy,” the first two things I will see in Spotlight are Fancy, the song on iTunes by Iggy Azalea, and a suggestion for This feature is especially useful because Apple has finally integrated everything into one search bar, meaning you no longer need to open iTunes or the App Store to search and find your favorite game or song.

While Spotlight is a fairly minor feature upgrade in iOS 8, it ultimately makes a huge difference in the way I use my phone. I no longer open Safari to search anything, but rather just use Spotlight on my home screen due to the added functionality. What do you think about the new Spotlight features added in iOS 8? Is this an updated feature that you think you’ll find useful when you upgrade to iOS 8? Drop a comment in the comments section below and let me know!

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  • Speedy Cerviche

    Finally making Spotlight useful for people like me. Of the giant list of Android features I miss (custom launcher, memory expansion, manufacturers supporting unlocked bootloaders, Bluetooth file transfer, 3rd party apps, etc.) they finally allow you to search for more than just apps on the device or open a web browser to expand said search. Now if only we could have direct access to internal storage (file browser), 3rd party apps in place of stock ones (browser, home, keyboard, etc.), and the ability to download files from a browser.

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