iOS 8 feature highlight: new Mail swipe controls

With iOS 8, Apple introduced a new feature to their Mail app that will be familiar to users of third-party email apps like Mailbox and Evomail+. These apps incorporate several swiping gestures in their inbox navigation systems. iOS 8 starts where iOS 7 left off, adding some more convenience, with new actions that can be performed from the inbox.

Left Swipe

In iOS 7, a left swipe on an email gives access to “Archive”/“Delete”, and “More” controls. iOS 8 adds “Flag”/“Unflag” to the immediately available options with a left flick. In addition, a full left swipe will swiftly archive or delete the email.

Swipe 1Swipe 2

Although some people have been cautious about this easy deleting method, a simple shake of the device will undo the action, just like the undo action for typing in iOS.

Swipe 5

Right Swipe

iOS 8 also adds a “Mark as Read”/“Mark as Unread” action with a right swipe. A flick reveals a button to press, and a full right swipe completes the action.

Swipe 4In addition to this feature, many other iOS 8 features have been inspired by other existing apps or platforms. Do you embrace this choice, or do you think that Apple should be creating original solutions to the problems that they have addressed with iOS 8? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Justin

    All great items for sure. But really need ability to either delete OR archive. I hoe they add it.