iOS 8 beta 2 speculated for Monday or Tuesday release


Based on the iOS 7 beta timetable, we are likely to see the release of iOS 8 beta 2 either today, Monday, June 16 or Tuesday, June 17. When iOS 7 beta 1 launched, it was only two weeks until iOS 7 beta 2 was released. History is bound to repeat itself, so predictions of a Monday or Tuesday release look likely.

For those of you who have iOS 8 beta 1, have you found it to be buggy or is it running fairly smoothly for you? I have seen that many users are having problems with beta 1, saying it’s the worst first beta that they have come across thus far. However, in my two weeks with iOS 8 beta 1, I have found it to be running pretty smoothly.  No major bugs that I have found, just minor things that will get ironed out with each beta release.

Below shows the history of iOS beta versions:


When do you guys think iOS 8 beta 2 will be released? Do you think it will be as soon as Monday or Tuesday or do you guys think it will be at a later date? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below and don’t forget to leave me a shout on Twitter – @malloriedeaton.

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  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    I found a lot of bugs. The Mail has bugs where the check mark selection is not available on all mail. My Facebook app will not play video. Settings crash and the location services gps stays on unless I turn it off and drains battery crazy.

    • Austin Verlinden

      Ive had same exact issues. Also i was having issue loading my work email but i think it might be an app incompatibility.

    • Mahmoud Harajli

      Yeahh i cant play videos on facebook

    • David Hadley

      Same as you. Lets not mention WhatsApp lol

    • Romeu Caetano

      Same as you guys … On mail, if you slide the message too fast, it will delete it!
      Also cannot play video on Facebook.

      • Florin

        The mail thing is a new feature of iOS8 which, in my opinion, is great.

    • Munazzar Tapal

      Same exact issues…

    • Anthony San Juan

      Also, Safari is the one that drains battery so much and hogging cellular data too.

    • Bilal Bhatti

      Bug in Facetime too when you try to switch to the back camera !,

  • Jarrad

    Yep I can agree with de Marcus facebook can’t play videos comes up with an error

  • Ian A. Anderson

    I’ve had to turn off my location services due to draining data; like 2-3 GB within a 2-3 hour time frame. Anyone else with that issue?

    • Nick

      I have turned off some of my location services, due to the battery run down and i am running out of data. Hopefully they can fix this as well

  • Lee

    My voicemail will not download, so I have had 4 unread voicemails for the best part of two weeks now

  • I’ve heard if you got IOS8 running on a iPhone 5/5s then it should be more smoothly, than a iPad 4 and iPhone 4/4s.

    Personally my iPad 4 sucks balls with IOS8… :-)

    • Joshua Moreira

      My phone (iPhone 5C) isn’t doing too well… Lots of crashes with apps and Springboard. Many apps don’t work. Seems like Apple was in a rush to release this…

      • BxK12

        its beta 1…

      • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

        It’s going to take at least beta 3 or 4 until you notice an improvement. Last year for iOS 7 it was like 7 or 8 betas

      • George264

        it’s called beta for devs. if you didn’t know that it would crash like that before you installed and you complain about it, you shouldn’t have it. Especially since it’s beta 1 it’s going to have even more severe problems.

        • Fadi Freij

          I second that!

    • kyri

      it’s shit on 5s as well

  • Ash

    The gps problem is the App Store app trying to run in the background for some reason. Even though you select the App Store to not have access to location services.

    Really weird stuff in ios 8. Lots of tracking and behind the scenes going on.

    • tokan_one

      The App Store uses it to recommend apps to download based on where you are.

      i.e. if you walk in a Best Buy, the App Store “Handoff” icon will appear on your lock screen redirecting to the Best Buy app.

  • Ted

    I am having several problems on a 5s, crashes all the time, the photo app won’t go to the right spot in pictures, predictive typing turns off randomly, bluetooth doesn’t work and on and on.

    • Taytor

      Ted, if you hold down the smiley on the keyboard you can turn predictive text on and off. Also, you can slide the predictive text bar up/down for on/off. Too me the better part of 5 days to figure that out.

      I’ve had most of the same issues I got the App Store to stop locating me I haven’t used much data or lost too many hours of battery life, but as of last night any 3rd part app I try to open turns black. No ands ifs or buts… It’s a bummer.

      • Ted

        Thanks Taylor that was helpful. Although when I did it Messages app crashed. Is anyone else having these crashes?

  • Jacques Bolduc

    My Beta 1 experience has been a total nightmare on my Iphone 5S + Ipad. Let’s hope B2 will be much better.

  • Mohamed Tarek

    Extremly slow on my 5th generation ipod with lag of response , iOS 7 beta 1 was far better than this

  • Brian Huber

    Everything has been running smooth on my iPad Air. My iPhone 5s is a different story. I had to downgrade back to ios7 because I couldn’t connect to the internet even if I was connected to a wifi or cellular network.

  • David Escobar

    Sometimes my iPhone crashes for no reason. the passcode lock is so glitchy. Facebook videos don’t play. On Safari, videos sound will turn off. App Store rarely works. Istagram doesn’t let you tag people. My camera doesn’t work from the lock screen. Battery drains. Huge Lag. But this is only the Beta so it should get better. IOS 7 beta 1 was a total disaster.

  • Steve

    There’s a lot of bugs. Safari was practically useless on my 8 beta. I went back down to 7 until the second 8 beta drops.

  • Vagabontat

    People it’s called BETA for a reason.It’s in phase 1 for a reason ! There will be lots of bugs for sure so anyone who doesn’t want to experience them should stick to 7.1.
    At the end of the day when it’s released in September/October it won’t be like this.It won’t probably have any bugs at all(hopefully) because it’s not a dramatic change as iOS 7 was.Only small changes mostly compared to the switch from iOS 6 to 7.
    Can’t wait for iPhone 6.I bet it’s going to be really good.I liked 5S really much and a bigger screen is all I ever wanted.Android and their customization can suck it.Had an S4 and touch wiz and android was buggy.Crashes,freezes,apps that were total crap thanks to google’s idiotic control and so on.
    Say what you want about iPhone but they provide a much better experience.Everything works flawlessly and super smooth unlike android phones.

    • Omar Fierros

      Totally agree with you, I don’t understand these people complaining about all the issues, maybe they do not comprehend the term BETA lol

      • KAM

        well that was the original question… what issues are you having… so they are in their right to complain… yes its a beta… therefore they want all the complaints they can possibly get so that those issues can be addressed and fixed… just stating fact cause i am paid by apple to roam these sights and get this kind of data…

        • RedGeminiPA

          Apple doesn’t pay people to roam gossip rumor sites to collect user complaints. Apple isn’t Samsung.

          Well, Samsung pays people to roam sites for other reasons, since they’d never pay anyone to watch for reports of issues. Good grief, they’d never get any work done if they had to focus on issues owners have with their Samsung devices.

    • Munazzar Tapal

      LOL it is BETA folks…

  • Julian Velasquez

    I’ve found that it runs pretty smoothly as well. I haven’t used a lot of apps. Some of them don’t function as intended (many have mentioned that Facebook won’t play videos), there have been crashes and some freezing, but for the most part I’m able to use the features I use most (iMessage & Safari).

  • Javier

    iOS 8 beta 1 is the buggiest beta I’ve ever tried. I had to downgrade my iPhone after 2 days because it was just unusable, plus a lot of apps like Facebook and WhatsApp were broken. I didn’t ran into too much trouble with the battery but the device just got too hot with barely 5 minutes of use. There was a Bug Report app that had a huge bug so I couldn’t report any bug. And as a great extra thing, the phone consumed approximately 500MB due to extensive network background use. iOS 8 beta 1 runs quite smoothly in my iPad, but just since last night, most third party apps have become unusable as they just crash and make the iPad unresponsive to multitouch gestures. I hope beta 2 is release ASAP because this was just too buggy and unbearable.

    • Jeremy

      No trust me, iOS 7 beta 1 was so much worse compared to iOS 8 beta 1. Nearly all apps were incompatible last year but this year I only notice several glitches or bugs because of incompatibility but other than that it’s not as bad as beta 1 from last year

    • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

      I tried reporting all the bugs too but the bug reporter won’t let me.

  • Kelly C

    I can play videos on facebook, but I have issues w/ video freezing (netflix) or sound going away (have to pause/unpause to fix) as the biggest annoyance. Other crashes settings will crash 2 times in a row when it randomly decides to crash (I have to click settings 3 times). Location services for app store seems bugged. Also turned off frequent locations which helped make up for the app stores battery drain. Random layout issues w/ keyboard. These are the “main” issues I have found. other issues like my phone app not closing I fixed w/ a hard restart.

  • TEK

    I didn’t have too much time to play with Beta 1.
    I use my icloud account to share images between devices and had a huge issue getting my account to sync. Continuously requesting me to enter a password for my icloud account, but never accepting even though im logged in. I have attempted to resolve the issue by; logging in and logging out, resetting settings, deleting account and re-adding, pretty much anything i cold think of and checked online for other users having the same issue but was unable to resolve it. So i went back down to 7.1 until this bug is fixed in future Beta releases.

  • Kris

    I have iPhone 4s… and it crashes every 3 mins. Doesnt matter what I do or what I dont. I uninstalled most of my Apps (coz they were crashing)… Battery drains like a broken waterpipe.

  • Kris

    I also downloaded OS X Yosemite… Its stable… but it drains battery like crazy.

  • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

    Had anyone be able to report this issues in the big reporter?

    • nayanc

      Yep, been using Bug Reporter, had an issue with my first use of the app where I wasn’t able to submit but after that, has worked ‘fine’. Keep logging the issues with the OS that annoy me the most.

      • De’Marcus Kourage Winbush

        Mine won’t let me submit a post to bug reporter. What did you do to fix issue?

        • nayanc

          Nothing apart from a hard reset maybe. Worked fine after that with the odd crash but at least let me submit.

  • Graham

    i have found a lot of bugs but they are more annoying then anything, it isn’t the worst iOS 7 beta 1 was basically non useable for me on my iPhone 4, u couldn’t message people and calls didn’t really work, i am found i can use it everyday and just feels like using a android phone, buggy

  • Michael Logan

    I think the number of bugs is acceptable for the very first beta release. Initially, I tried to restore all my apps after upgrading. That resulted in a hanging, crashing mess. But that was foolish of me. Why would I expect all of my apps to run smoothly on an OS for which they haven’t been tested? So, I started over with the base apps and everything worked perfectly. I then began adding my favorite apps as I had need of them. This is actually what I ended up doing for iOS7 last year, and it is a great way for an app fiend like me to perform annual Spring cleaning. I am, however, looking forward to the next update so that I can get my GPS app of choice (CoPilot Live), Rdio, Facebook video (won’t play) and the native video player (audio falls out and video loses sync) working properly.

  • sirhceth

    I can’t use facebook on my phone period. In fact there are a lot of apps that wont’ work. Not to mention that there are a whole bunch of apps stuck open because as i close them my phone restarts and suddenly I’m back at the apple logo again and then the apps that were successfully closed are reopoened. During phone calls or even while my phone is just sitting plugged in charging, it’ll reboot back to the apple logo so if it’s while i’m on the phone i lose connectivity for a few seconds

  • Tman

    Literally the worst first beta I have ever used is almost say it’s not even a beta! Text messaging bugs Spring board crashed Video playback bugs Calling bugs Everything really has some sort of big We are going to be looking at 13 betas sigh

  • Dixie Normous

    yep..the beta is broken because facebook doesn’t work..Jobs must be rolling in his grave..

  • worst first beta i have ever came across, nothing but problems, i went back to 7.1.1 until beta 2 comes out cause i couldnt handle it anymore

  • Antoine

    Beta 1 is running horribly on my iPhone 5s. Definitely the worst beta so far

  • Franklin D Williams, Jr

    I’ve been having all the same issues that you all are having. But one that stuck out to me the most was my network connectivity to AT&T began to suck worst than before, and the continuity feature between all the devices was spoty. Also I had no success in using the tethering feature even after switching my data plan to test out the feature. That’s with me using usb, Bluetooth, or wifi. This is definitely the worst beta since iOS 3.0.

  • Atit Thakker

    I downgraded from ios 8 to 7.1.1 and unfortunately my iCloud has crashed and could not get my contacts from iCloud also i am not sure if this is bez of ios 8 bugs or due to some other reason. appreciate if anyone could tell!!!!!!

    ios 8, for sure has N number of issues!!!! nope they will take of thing bugs in beta 2!!!

  • Vincent D

    I hope it comes out today because i Def want to go back to IO 7 otherwise.

  • JkDoubleSmiley

    Yes, the beta 1 may be buggy but.. what do you expect? It’s a beta. I’ve stuck around through all the crashes and I will until the end of the beta. Just like iOS 7.. Yes my data’s through the roof, Yes my iPhone dies quickly but that’s why I have a Mophie charge station. Yes lots of apps crash and even apps built into the software crash. I’ve learned to deal with the imperfections. So I am patiently waiting for beta 2! :)

  • Installed Beta 1 on a new iPhone 5S and didn’t have many issues with the system. The App Store crashed a couple of times. Settings wouldn’t open once or twice. Only two of my one hundred plus apps gave me issues. That was Tweetbot and Two Dots. This is definitely one of the smoother beta 1s…. Ready for Beta 2. Back on 7.1 only because in love Tweetbot.

  • edxe

    i agree on the statement that is the worst first beta

  • Fadi Freij

    If you depend on your phone for your daily tasks, do not get ios 8 beta. Its meant for developers not amateurs who want to just show of they have the latest beta. Developers know their shit and what they’re doing with ios 8 BETA! amateurs don’t.