iOS 7.1.2 released, fixes iBeacons and connectivity


While developers work and play with iOS 8, Apple has released iOS 7.1.2 to the public. This update fixes several items, in particular an issue with iBeacons that users have been complaining about. It also addresses a bug with transferring data to 3rd party accessories.

Note that this is just a bug fix release; there is no new functionality introduced with this update.

To check for this update on your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Software Update.  You can install the delta update over-the-air, or you can download the full iOS 7.1.2 update through iTunes.

Does this update fix some of the issues you’ve had with iBeacons? Let us know below!


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  • Cj

    iTunes radio stopped working with this update

  • ExAppleUser

    I’m switching from iPhone to Android because of reliability. Many iPhones (e.g. wifi on 4S) cease to work properly when Apple introduced OS 7, including this release. Apple are in denial of course, but try googling 4S wifi problem and see how many hits! Used to buy Apple for reliability and customer support (hah!). Can’t spend $700 on a phone and have it die after 18 months or whenever Apple feel like it.