Chinese sources purport iPhone 6 September release, raised price and no 16GB model

Chinese internet company Tencent has today claimed that the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19.

Recently, German carrier Deutsche Telekom, parent company of T-Mobile US, also began telling its customers that the iPhone would be released for sale on September 19, making this latest rumor the second report suggesting this particular release date. The leak claims that the iPhone 6 will be priced at a minimu of 5288 yuan, around 850 USD. This also appears to confirm other rumors claiming that the iPhone 6 would be released at a higher price than its predecessors. Also interesting is the fact that this is reportedly the minimum price given to the 32GB version of the phone, which could suggest that the iPhone 6 may not include a 16GB storage model. This may represent an increase in storage, or perhaps it points to the release of a more affordable device released alongside it, in the same way that the iPhone 5c accompanied the iPhone 5s last year.


The purported date falls in line with previous Apple iPhone releases, and does seem to fit the timeline of rumors and leaks that we’re currently seeing. The site indeed suggests the next iPhone will be a 4.7-inch model, a notion which has permeated every iPhone rumor thus far. This rumor is certainly interesting because of the inclusion of a price and also the reference only to a 32GB and a 64GB storage configuration. Do you think that the next iPhone will be based around Apple’s larger storage capacities? Will there also be a larger price tag? Leave your thoughts and comments below!



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  • Justin Carlson

    No 16GB model. It’s about time.

    • Rick Rudge

      I know. :-) Apple might be changing its mind about doing everything from the Cloud rather than just storing everything on your iPhone. Thanks NSA. ;-)

  • Kerry Woolnough

    It’ll be about £850 for the pay through the nose UK then

  • Jackson Beadle

    Same starting price as 16GB iPhone 5s in China now. No price increase

  • The Optimistic Nerd

    I could see them getting away from the 16GB model but not the price. That seems extremely high even by apple standards. What they should do is sell the 32GB version for the price of the 16GB if not the same price of the current 32.

  • RyanAlca

    My god. 850 is criminal. By that standard the htc m8 should be 950 because it’s aluminum and has a 5″ screen. My first car was $800!