Apple to introduce prepaid T-Mobile and AT&T iPhones at its US retail locations

Apple's retail location in Lincoln Park

In an attempt to boost Apple’s in-store iPhone sales, 9to5Mac reports Apple will begin to sell prepaid iPhones in its US retail stores

Currently, if you were to purchase an iPhone 5S for use on T-Mobile or another prepaid network from one of Apple’s retail locations, you’d have to purchase the phone unlocked and then visit your carrier of choice or provide your own SIM card to have it activated for use. This makes purchasing the unlocked iPhone in an Apple Store unnecessary, since you can buy unlocked iPhones directly from carrier stores.

A new report coming from 9to5Mac states that Apple is readying its retail locations to sell and activate iPhones for use on T-Mobile’s prepaid network as well as AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone service. The report claims Apple Stores will begin receiving AT&T GoPhone SIM cards and activation kits, and will be using existing T-Mobile SIM cards for customers choosing to go with T-Mobile’s prepaid plans in the near future. This will, in theory, boost unlocked iPhone sales in Apple stores, as part of Tim Cook’s initiative to bring more customers into Apple’s retail locations. This is also likely an effort to clear out the remaining iPhone 5S and 5C stock before the launch of the iPhone 6 this fall.

Apple is reportedly planning to begin selling prepaid iPhones starting in the last week of June.

Will you be interested in buying current or future iPhones with a prepaid plan in one of Apple’s retail stores? Let us know in the comments down below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Kervin Troy Lambert

    Im actually waiting for the iphone 6 to be released which my carrier will be metro, that will be my first iphone ever so im hoping the transition from droid to iphone will not be to challenging. The only other apple device i have is the ipad 2 so maybe the familiarity there will help me transition smothly. Im supper excited for the release and to get my hands on

    • Mason Meyers

      I almost bought a metro sim card but, then i heard cricket belongs to at&t which is a more reputable company. Ever since having their service, no regrets yet. Friends with metro lol… Many regrets.

      • David Beebe

        It depends on where you live. For example here in Panama City Florida att signal is scarce and when you do get it it’s 3G HSPA+ but t mobile has full 4G LTE service which is what Metro uses so they are the better choice in our area! Cricket… Lol

        Doesn’t exist here.

      • Kervin Troy Lambert

        I live in lynn, Massachusetts and i get consistent 4glte speeds with metro. I’ve been with them for over 2 years and it’s working out good for me so when I get my iphone 6 this fall I’ll just continue with them and hopefully the service is still smooth, Just like David said location, location,location