Voxeet brings crystal clear audio and ease of use to conference calls, all for free [Sponsored]

07115790-photo-voxeetConferencing applications are a big thing right now, especially seeing as Skype has just opened up group video calling for free to all users. However, the problem a lot of conferencing applications have in common is exactly that: they are all too common. Applications offer this feature and that feature, but so do all of the rest. That is where Voxeet comes in, offering a feature that I found to work reliably, consistently, and – most importantly – easily.

First off, Voxeet is free. Yes, free. The service that is offered and, more importantly, the quality of the service that is offered from Voxeet is more than worth taking into consideration when you are looking for a viable conference calling application. When first tasked with reviewing this application, I did what I always do, and researched the product that I would be using. Voxeet made that job very easy, by providing not only a website that is easy to navigate (and looks nice as well) but also provides information about the service.

Voxeet uses what it calls 3DHD sound, which after testing out a few calls via my iPhone 5s works remarkably well. On its site, 3DHD sound is described as having “no background noise, no echo, no talk-over—just clear, recognizable voices and exceptional sound.” This was, almost to my surprise, a perfect explanation of the sound experienced when on a call. I tested out my call with 2 other people in the conference and you could hear them remarkably clearly, with little to no background noise, and each voice sounding exactly like it does in person which made them easily distinguishable.


This brings us to the call screen. On the call screen, you are presented with a few different pieces of information: the people on the call, their picture, the platform they are using, and a sound indicator to show who is talking (in case you can’t tell). Then you have some buttons. You can invite someone to the call, dial-in via phone if you don’t have a good connection, leave the call, put the call on speaker, or mute yourself. Most of these are standard and would be expected for a conferencing application, however the option to “dial-in” is something that I found in Voxeet that I hadn’t seen other places. If you are unable to connect to Voxeet because of a bad connection, you can simply call in. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the 3DHD technology if you do this, however.


Moving throughout the app, you’ll find some normal features that you’d expect to find in a conferencing app such as contacts, current conferences, past conferences, etc. However, you’ll also see a scheduled conferences section. Now, you may think, “oh this is normal, you probably just schedule it in Voxeet and you’re set.” Well, you’re close, but not close enough. Remember how I said this had a feature that really got me? Here you go. To schedule a meeting in Voxeet, you simply add the event to your calendar and invite those that are supposed to be joining you in the call. For example, I created an event on my iCloud account via my iMac running OS X Mavericks and invited the two people that I tested out the conference with as well as the Voxeet provided “meet@voxeet.me” email; I even added a note to the bottom. Low and behold, moments later, the event showed up in Voxeet, quick and simple, and it had the time, the attendees, and the note all included, with the title of the call being the title of the event I created in the calendar. Waiting about 10 minutes, and my phone buzzed saying I had a call from Voxeet starting. It rang all 3 of us and just like that, we were in a scheduled conference call with that crystal clear 3DHD audio. It was great.

Now, if your friends or colleagues that you’d like to schedule this call with don’t have iPhones, don’t worry, it isn’t iPhone only, fortunately. It also runs on Android, Windows, and OS X, so you can conference call from any of those platforms, including iOS, all at once. It really is a seamless experience that, to put it simply, just works. If you are interested in trying out Voxeet, and I recommend you do if it fits the bill of what you need, you can find out more information on its site here: Voxeet.com. You can also go directly to the iOS app here: Voxeet Conferencing.

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